Project Casa da Luz do Sol

EASYPARAÍSO PORTFÓLIO - Construction of a house in the Ecovillage of Piracanga, State of Bahia, according to very strict sustainability and ecological rules.


Construction of a 200m² beach house with a structure made of treated eucalyptus wood and a piassava roof at the Ecovila de Piracanga (BA). The work was done with the integration of a small house that already existed, being transformed into a large kitchen and covered deck for yoga and restoration practices.

The project followed rules of ecological sustainability and protection of the environment, groundwater and the surrounding nature.

The local community focuses on the work of spiritual evolution and the self-knowledge of each one who resides in space. The residents do everything to preserve this magical place.

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Challenges for easyparaiso

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge in building this house was logistics. This is because to transport the materials a 4 × 4 traction car was required, due to the quality of the road. In addition to depending on the favoring of the local climate.

As the existing solar energy systems at Ecovila could not supply enough energy, it was necessary to use energy generators for all phases of the work. In addition to thinking about protecting and reducing noise for neighbors in the region.

Another great challenge was in relation to the materials and processes carried out in the house's work, because in consideration, the water table in the environment had a depth of only 4/5 meters. Soon, it was a vulnerable space, where everything was taken care of.

Build without destroying. Our basic concept was of special importance in this work due to the wild nature of the Atlantic Forest still quite untouched, mainly around the construction.


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Project easyparaíso

Casa da Luz do Sol


Peter & Lea C.W.


Ecological construction

Piracanga, Marau Peninsula, BA





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