Project Casa Almécegas

EASYPARAÍSO PORTFÓLIO - Construction of a 225m² single-family house in the wild nature of Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO) integrating a small existing guest house.

project summary

Construction of a 225m² single family house near the São Bento and Almécegas waterfalls and Serra da Boa Vista. A warm and green environment.

project details

Challenges for easyparaiso

One of the main challenges was maintaining the small existing guest house in the space for integration. Also the construction of a new space in the shortest possible time and make it “habitable for possible visits”. Because of this, the new house was built around the small existing cottage and only after the roof was ready in the new part of the house, the roof of the cottage was removed, inserting open connecting doors and integrating it into the house.

With the client living a short distance from the construction site - less than 20m (with a small child and a reborn baby), we had to take a lot of special care . For this reason, we work at alternative and adapted times so as not to disturb the family routine, as well as reducing and protecting noise whenever possible. All of this to maintain a calm environment for family members.

With the developer residing nearby, one of the most important wishes was to finish the work as quickly as possible, to make it uncomfortable in the shortest possible time. The promised deadline was 8 months, however it was exceeded. The delivery of the house was done in just 5 and a half months.

Building without destroying: our basic concept was especially important in this work due to the still untouched nature around the construction areas. We take advantage and optimize the spaces for the projection of the house with maximum environmental preservation.


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Casa Almécegas


Debora R. & Ronald B.


Ecological construction

Sao Bento - Almécegas, Chapada dos Veadeiros, GO





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